Chrome Wheel Repair Houston
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All our repairs are done in-house using state-of-the-art equipment. Our company provides both residential and commercial wheel rim refinishing/restoration services for all original equipment and aftermarket wheel specifications.

Chrome buy soma 500mg wheels have a highly polished, mirror-like finish. The wheel is usually polished, and then plated with a layer of nickel, then bronze, then chrome. The nickel adheres to the wheel which then allows the bronze to adhere to the nickel which then allows the chrome to adhere to the bronze. Chrome plating can add 2-3 pounds to each wheel. The finish is very shiny and reflective. However, brake dust, road salt, cold climates and salt air can cause chrome plated finishes to pit & peal. This is a major problem with chrome plated wheels, which require a lot of cleaning to avoid surface damage. Chrome wheels should be removed during the winter months. Regardless of the precautions you take, most chrome plated wheels will start to pit & peel in one to two years. We Fix Wheels Houston Wheel We can repair or refinish many aftermarket

Polished Rims:
We Fix Rims Houston Wheel Repair can polish your chrome wheel to look shiny. We can restore the original polish luster of your wheel by either, hand polishing, machine polishing or using vibratory polishing machines. The finished wheels also receive a powder coated clear coat, to better protect the finish.

We do offer re-plating of existing chrome plated wheels. Re-plating of badly pitted or damaged wheels is not recommended. So only consider this option if the damage or wheel corrosion is minor. It is highly recommended that you consider a new set of PVD wheels before committing to the expense of re-plating your existing chrome wheel. The turn-around time for chrome plating is 4-6 weeks.